Vacations That Matter

Fun Vacations That Support Small Businesses

June 2014

Most common travel destinations have hotels that are part of large chains, and others, which are small and locally-owned. Why not take this opportunity to choose to support small business? There are some amazing lodging choices, from cheap motels to luxury resorts that aren’t part of large, multinational chains. You can even find amazing lodging opportunities that the big chains couldn’t dream of, like this castle in Galway, this cave house in Granada, or this treehouse in Atlanta. Need help? Try or


Vacation With Respect

May 2014

Dave Barry once said that, “A person who is nice to you, but rude to the waiter, is not a nice person.” In our travels, many of us take the time to thank our waiters and hotel/motel staff if we approve of the service we receive, but what about the seemingly faceless men and women who clean up after us so that we can truly enjoy our vacations? Housekeeping at a hotel/motel is really a thankless job, that usually involves quite a lot of work for very little pay. If you get a chance to see your housekeeper prior to checking out, why not take the opportunity to sincerely thank that individual for his/her hard work? And if you don’t get the chance to actually see your housekeeper, simply leaving a quick note with a message such as, “Thanks for your help- everything was great,” could really brighten the day of someone who worked quite hard to make sure your vacation was, indeed, a vacation.


Wonderful Vacations That Help Animals

April 2014

While Easter can be a great holiday for children and families, it is disastrous for rabbits, chicks and ducks. Instead of giving one of these creatures as a gift to a child in your life when 95% of rabbits given as Easter gifts end up being killed when brought to shelters, why not include these creatures and others like them in your travel plans? No matter where you may be going, you’re likely to not be far from an animal shelter or nature preserve. Just giving an hour of your vacation time to make an abandoned animal feel loved can be incredibly powerful for both you and that animal. If you do want to give a rabbit as an Easter gift, please adopt from a shelter rather than supporting industries that neglect, abuse, over-breed and kill animals. Make a difference, wherever your Spring travels may take you!


Reaching Out With Food and Friendship

March 2014

Traveling to big cities is an adventure, but no matter how much you might be paying for luxurious hotel accommodations, the likelihood of running into someone begging for money on the streets is pretty high.  If someone requesting help buying food approaches you, you might find yourself wondering if this individual might use your money for some other, more nefarious purpose.  While this is highly unlikely, if you are concerned, why not invite this individual to join you and your family or friends for dinner?  Homelessness can be terrifying and devastatingly isolating, and a dinner with a group of friendly strangers could make a world of difference, not to mention, feed someone who desperately needs this basic need met.  However, please use good sense and if your dinner plans involve ordering pizza alone in a hotel room, inviting a stranger to join you may not be the safest choice- this is a much more appropriate idea when you plan on dining out with your travel companions.


A Romantic Getaway With Heart

February 2014

February is the perfect month for a romantic weekend away with your partner.  Make your vacation even more special and help those in need by pinpointing at least two aspects of your trip that involve spending money on your partner for something you could make yourself, save the money, and give him/her something that’s really from the heart.  For example, taking him out to an expensive restaurant could be replaced by cooking him a homemade meal, and buying her a new dress could be replaced by crafting a gift for her with your own two hands.  Then, simply calculate the amount of money you’re saving with these thoughtful gestures, donate it to your favorite charity, and create a very happy Valentines Day for everyone!


Sun, Surf, and Saving Lives

January 2014

Planning a beach getaway?  Good for you! In between sunbathing, building sand castles and surfing, why not take ten minutes each day to be a hero to the marine creatures who rely on a clean home to survive?  Fish, turtles, and other marine creatures can die from eating or becoming trapped in litter left on the beach that makes its way into the ocean.  Pick up any trash that’s been left out on the beach- just remember to use extreme caution if you choose to pick up glass or other sharp objects- and throw it out or recycle it.  Have a great trip and make the world a better place!


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