Save Our Safety Net

Are you tired of repeated, politically motivated attacks on the social safety net that protects our most vulnerable citizens?  We can fight back against stories of supposed “welfare queens” and people buying lobster with their benefit cards with true stories of why we need a social safety net.  Have you received benefits and used this assistance to become self-sufficient?  Do you work full-time and still need benefits to survive?  Were you denied the benefits you needed and suffered terrible consequences from this?  Send your stories about why we need programs such as SNAP (food stamps), TANF (“welfare”), SSI and SSD (disability) to with the subject line, “Save Our Safety Net,” and let us know if you’d like your submission to be made anonymously, or fill out the form below, and we’ll send your stories to every U.S. senator and representative who has spoken out against one of these programs and post them on our site at the completion of this project (please keep your stories under 1,000 words).

*Please note that we reserve the right not to send or post your story if we feel that it is inappropriate or otherwise does not meet the criteria for inclusion. Thanks for understanding!


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